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Find answers to our most frequently asked questions below or Contact Us for additional support.  

I would like Visory Health discount card, How do I get one?

The card is available here. It's free and no sign up is needed to use our Visory Health cash discount card. You can download the PDF here to your phone and show the pharmacist, or you can print out the PDF here and carry it with you to the pharmacy.

How do I get a Visory card with my name on it?

The card is available here. No need to have your name on the card. Just show the pharmacist the card and your name and phone number will be taken at the pharmacy counter.

What is a Prescription Discount Card? 

Prescription discount cards offer discounts on prescription drugs when paying in cash.

Can anyone use a Visory Health Rx discount card? 

Anyone can use a Visory Health prescription discount card. It is proudly accepted at participating pharmacies, totaling more than 60,000 pharmacies nationwide. There are no eligibility requirements and no enrollment is necessary.

Does that mean my family members can use the same card? 


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How much does a Visory Health discount card cost? 

There's no cost to use your Visory Health prescription discount card, IT IS COMPLETELY FREE. You will need to pay for your medications at the pharmacy.

Does my card expire? 

No, there's no expiration for your Visory Health discount card.

Can I use my Visory Health card for more than one prescription? 

Yes. There’s no limit to the number of prescriptions that can be applied to the Visory Health prescription discount card.

Is Visory Health insurance? 

No, your Visory Health prescription discount card is not insurance. However, even if you are insured, there are times when you'll pay less using Visory Health at the pharmacy counter. Remember, your prescription discount card cannot be combined with insurance

Will my personal information be collected or sold? 

No. Visory Health does not share your information with any third parties and maintains the highest security standards to protect your privacy.

Can I use Visory Health for brand and generic prescriptions? 

Yes, Visory Health can be used for both name brand and generic medications. 

My pharmacist doesn't know how to use my card. 

We're here to help. Pharmacists can call 866-921-7286, 24/7 for transaction assistance. 

I have Medicare/Medicaid/Tricare. Can I still use my Visory Health Rx discount card? 

Yes but this card CANNOT be used in conjunction with any state-funded or federal health insurance, including Medicare, Medicaid, and Tricare.